The Editorial Board provides an independent one-sided blind review of submitted manuscripts in accordance with their topics. Information about the manuscript’s authors and their affiliations is disclosed to the reviewer. For the authors, any information about the reviewer remains unknown.

Leading scientists who have a scientific degree and conduct research in a speciality that corresponds to the topic of the submitted material are involved in the reviewing voluntarily (under their agreement). The reviewer must be the author (or co-author) of at least three scientific articles published within the last five years in scientific publications included in “A” and/or “B” categories of the List of specialized scientific journals of Ukraine and/or in the foreign publications indexed of Web of Science Core Collection and/or Scopus for the relevant speciality.

The task of selecting reviewers rests with the editors.

Each manuscript undergoes internal and external independent peer review. Leading specialists of the Iron and Steel Institute of Z. I. Nekrasov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine are involved in the internal review. The external review is carried out exclusively by specialists from other scientific institutions.

The reviewers must be guided by the ethical principles outlined in the “Publication ethics” section.

The review term is 30 days from the date of the manuscript’s submission.

The reviews are sent to the corresponding author’s email.

If, in the reviewer’s opinion, the manuscript needs to be revised, the author/authors must re-submit the corrected manuscript to the editor by October 30. Re-reviewing of the corrected manuscript is carried out within 15 days, and results are brought to the corresponding author.

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