Manuscript requirements

Requirements for the authors of the collection “Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy”

     The author (or team of authors) bears the initial responsibility for the novelty and reliability of the results of a scientific study, which implies compliance with the following principles:

  • Authors should provide reliable research results. Knowingly false or falsified statements constitute grounds for refusing to publish the manuscript;

  • authors must ensure that the results of the study set out in the submitted manuscript are original. Borrowed fragments must be executed with the obligatory indication of the author and source;

  • recognition of the contribution of scientists who influenced the course of the study, as well as links to studies that were important when writing the manuscript, are necessary;

  • The co-authors of the article should indicate all persons who have made a significant contribution to the study. Among co-authors it is inadmissible to indicate persons who did not participate in the study;

  • if the author finds significant errors or inaccuracies in the article at the stage of its consideration, he should inform the editor as soon as possible.


     for the collection “Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy”

     Manuscripts of articles may be submitted in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

     The purpose of the work should be reported in the manuscript submitted to the editorial office, the analysis and research results, their practical application and conclusion (conclusions) should be given.

     The purpose of the work should be reported in the manuscript submitted to the editorial office, the analysis and research results, their practical application and conclusion (conclusions) should be given.

Materials submitted to the editorial office should contain:

  • UDC index;

  • title of the article (in Ukrainian, Russian and English);

  • last names, first names, patronymics of the authors (in full, in Russian and English). If all the authors of the article are in one institution, you can not specify the place of work of each author separately;

  • academic degrees of the authors (if any);

  • place of work of all authors, positions; annotation within 6-12 lines (in Ukrainian, Russian and English);

  • keywords (in Ukrainian, Russian and English) from the text of the annotation;

  • a cover letter or an examination certificate from the organization. If the article contains authors of third-party organizations, then the consent of the organization and management is required.

  • In addition, an abstract in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages ​​of at least 1800 characters (150-250 words) is presented.

     The article should be sent by e-mail (with a volume of more than 2 MB – in archived form) in MS Word format (* .doc), on a flash drive or on disk.

     The article must be signed by the authors, indicating the academic title and place of work and a mobile phone to enable the editorial office to communicate with the authors of the manuscript.

     The text of the article is presented on paper (1 copy in A4 format) and in electronic form in the Word program. The volume of the article is no more than 12 pages at 1.0 intervals, including illustrations (no more than 6–8 figures). When typing, use standard fonts – Times New Roman. It is advisable to execute formula expressions in the Equation Editor, if possible, type them in their entirety in the formula editor.

     The page format for typing is A5 book, the margins are mirrored, above, below, outside – 1.5 cm, inside – 2 cm.

     Typing the article on a computer should be in Word format, font “Times New Roman”, size 10, line spacing — single, automatic transfer, for abstract, captions and literature — font “Times New Roman”, size 9. Tables can be given in paper format – landscape, font “Times New Roman”, size 10 or 9.

     In the upper left corner of the article is affixed UDC.

     Initials and surnames of authors should be typed in lowercase letters and located in the center of the line, followed by the title of the article in capital letters.

     Under the title of the article is a brief abstract, font 9, (6-12 lines).

     Figures in electronic form with figure captions are inserted into the text of the article. Drawings should be clear with the ability to edit them in electronic form.

     The bibliographic list should be drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003. References are given in text in square brackets in citation order. For inaccessible sources, please do not refer.

     An extended abstract in Ukrainian (Russian) and English languages of at least 1800 characters (excluding spaces) is presented separately.

     To discuss issues when preparing an article for publication, indicate the E-mail and mobile phone number of the contact person.

Article annotation requirements

     It is necessary to briefly and clearly state the content, which is described in this article. The volume of the annotation is at least 1800 characters with spaces.

     Functions of annotation: describes the essence of the content of a scientific article; makes it clear whether to refer to the text; used for search in information systems.

     Mandatory points reflected in the abstract to the scientific article:

      characterization of the topic of research or analysis;

      a description of the problem or task being solved;

      goals set by the author;

      the results of the study.

     The abstract should reflect the innovation introduced by the author in the study of a particular problem or topic, the relevance of the phenomena being studied in comparison with the studies already available in this direction. Its main task is to achieve the interest of readers.