Yushkevich Pavlo Olegovich, Ph.D. (Engin.), Researcher, Iron and Steel Institute named after Z.I. Nekrasovof the NAS of Ukraine, Academican Starodubova square, 1, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49107; e-mail: metallurgistISI@gmail.com, ORSID 0000-0002-2675-0737


Experience and current state of use of the multi-tiered tuyeres in the oxygen-converter craft-shops of Ukraine


Summary. To date, the most common in the oxygen-converter shops of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine is the top purge using single-tier lances. Therefore, it is important to conduct research to improve the design of lances. The article is devoted to the results of the study of the use of multilevel lances. For the first time the main stages of development and use of multilevel lances in oxygen-converter shops of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine from the moment of their origin to the present time are fully described. The first constructions of two-tier and three-tier structures of lances, which passed industrial or experimental tests in Ukraine, were developed at the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. It is shown that multilevel lances in oxygen-converter shops of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine have repeatedly demonstrated the feasibility and effectiveness of their use, compared with the classic designs of single-storey lances. But due to the difficult economic situation in the metallurgical industry, the use of such lances was stopped. It is established in the work that the use of multi-level lances allows: to increase the number of control actions on the purge and thus stabilize the development of physicochemical processes, the calm purge; to improve the heat balance of converter smelting; to increase the rate of afterburning of CO to CO2; provide, if necessary, simultaneous purging with two types of gases; increase the amount of scrap metal in the filling, lime, fluorspar, sinter and chromium ore, without the use of additional energy; reduce the intensity of sweeping of lance and oxygen-converter equipment. Studies have shown that the shortcomings in the process of industrial operation of multi-layered lances are primarily due to the imperfection of empirically designed structures. The ways of elimination of shortcomings of multilevel lances due to development of a rational design and the corresponding technique of calculation of its basic constructive parameters are shown.

Keywords: oxygen converter, top purge, multi-tier tuyere, two-tier tuyere, three-tier tuyere.



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