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Yunakov Alexander Mikhailovich, Researcher, Iron and Steel Institute named after Z.I. Nekrasov of the NAS of Ukraine, Academican Starodubova square, 1, Dnipro, Ukraine,49107; e-mail:

Mathematical and software for the study of the dynamics of the finished rolling mill block wire mill

Abstract. The aim of the work is the development of mathematical and
software for the study of transients arising from the management of the
finishing unit of the mill of the rolling mill 150. The movements, speeds,
accelerations and torques in various connections of the finishing unit were
studied. The linear mechanical analogue in the form of an extensive system of
discrete masses connected by elastic-dissipative elements was used to estimate
the integral characteristics of the block load. Block design calculations include
engines, a distribution gearbox, two transmission shafts for rolling rolls of
horizontal and vertical stands of the block. The mathematical model for
analyzing the oscillation frequencies of a block is represented by a system of
second-order linear differential equations. The equations for changing the drive
current in the armature circuit of the motor and in the excitation circuit,
equalizing the motion of the armature (rotor) of the electric motor, the
equations for determining the motor torque are presented. . According to the
results of studies of the mill 150, the range of rolling speeds outside the
resonant zones was established and the possibility of increasing the rolling
speed by 10% was justified. Analysis of the frequencies, the level and nature of
dynamic loads allowed us to develop a technical solution to reduce the
dynamics of the drive line by changing the gear ratio of the gearbox. The study
of the dynamics of the rolling unit of the first in Ukraine high-speed doublestrand wire mill 150, put into operation at the Makeevka metallurgical combine,
allowed an objective assessment of the optimality of the design parameters of
its equipment, reliability and guaranteed life.
«Фундаментальные и прикладные проблемы черной металлургии. – 2018. – Вып.32
«Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy». – 2018. – Collection 32
«Fundamental’nye i prikladnye problemy černoj metallurgii». – 2018. – Vypusk 32
Key words: wire rolling mill 150, finishing block, transient processes,
mathematical model, research
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