Poleshchuk Valentin Mikhailovich, PhD (Engin.), Executive Director, Association of scientific organizations of the mining and metallurgical complex of Ukraine, Academic square Starodubova, 1, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49107
Brovkin Vladimir Leonidovich, PhD (Engin.), docent, National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Gagarina Avenue, 4, Dnipro, 49600


Scheme of stressed-deformed condition of continuous-casted slab in technological casting lines

Abstract. The aim of the work is to develop a model of the deformationstressed state of a continuous-cast billet, taking into account its behavior in the
continuous casting machine line. A new physical model of the ingot crust
bending process in the inter-roller gap has been proposed. The model is based
on the regularities of the change in the deformed state of the surface of the crust
under the action of ferrostatic pressure. It is established that the crust undergoes
a cyclic alternating deformation in the process of moving it across the interroller gap. It is shown that the surface of the crust comes into contact with the
surface of the roller before approaching the inter-roller gap. This causes the
appearance of an anomalous area with a constant curvature of the crust at the
final stage of its buckling. The second anomalous deformation zone of the ingot
crust is the junction zone of the previous crust and the subsequent inter-roller
gap, where the crust instantly changes its curvature. In combination with the
flat scheme of the stress-strain state, a physical model is presented, which
makes it possible to identify in each of the inter-roller gaps the zone of
maximum values of the tensile strain rate. Identifying the zone of maximum
values of the tensile strain indicator and comparing it with the maximum
allowable one allows determining and correcting the length of the inter-roller
gaps of the continuous casting machine.
Key words: billet continuous casting machine, continuously cast billet,
billet curvature, deformed state, physical model
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