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“Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy”

Collection 35 (2021)

Babachenko О.I., Tuboltsev L.G., Merkulov O.Ye. Prospects of decarbonization of metallurgical technologies

Babachenko О.I., Nesterov О.S., Garmash L.I. Low-carbon technologies in blast-furnace production

Kornilov B.V., Chaika O.L., Lebid. V.V., Shumelchik E.I., Moskalina A.O. The thermal work analysis of the fireplaces of blast furnaces of Ukraine of various designs

Chuprinov O.V., Lyalyuk V.P., Zhuravlyov F.M., Kasim D.A., Lyakhova I.A. Development of technology for the production of iron ore monoraw for blast furnace smelting

Semenov Yu.S., Shumelchik E.I., Horupakha V.V., Vashchenko S.V., Khudyakov O.Yu., Ermolina K.P., Semion I.Yu., Chychov I.V. Introduction of decision support systems for blast smelting control in the conditions of metallurgical production of PrJSC “Dniprovskyi Coke Plant”

Vergun O.S., Molchanov L.S., Kislyakov V.G., Togobytska D.M., Semenov Yи.S., Nesterov O.S. Schematic diagram of the model of end-to-end technology for the production of competitive metal products by Ukrainian enterprises operating in unstable raw materials and energy conditions

Razdobreev V.G., Palamar D.G., Leshchenko O.I., Kluychnikov K.Yu. Modern trends in the production of corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant prestressing reinforcing bars

Kluychnikov K.Yu., Razdobreev V.G., Leshchenko О.I., Palamar D.G. Before food about the decision of border mines to the process of rolling-fiber in balanced roller fibers

Prykhodko I.Yu., Vorobei S.О., Raznosilin V.V., Korennoy V.V. Computer system of monitoring the residual resource of equipment of strip mill

Baiul K.V., Vashchenko S.V., Khudyakov О.Yu., Solodka N.O., Prokudina Е. В. Basic approaches to system design of roller presses on the modular principle

Petrov A.F., Snigura I.R., Golovko L.A., Khodotova N.E. Model prediction of physico-chemical and thermophysical characteristics of new types of manganese-containing (Mn-50-60%) ferroalloys

Stepanenko D.О., Togobitskaya D.M., Bielkova А.І., Tsyupa N.О. Selection of rational compositions of slags and mixtures in the production of iron and steel

Babachenko O.I., Kononenko G.A., Merkulov О.Ye., Podolskyi R.V., Klemeshov E.S., Safronova О.А. Modeling of phase-structural transformations in steel for new generation railway tracks

Bobyr’ S.V., Parusov E.V., Levchenko G.V., Golubenko T.M., Chuiko I.M. Regularities of the retained austenite formation in the complexly alloyed steel (overview)

Parusov E.V., Lutsenko V.A., Chuiko I.M., Parusov O.V., Golubenko T.M., Sivak G.I. On the possibility of forecasting mechanical properties of cold-deformed metal products from pearlite grade steel

Grekov S.V., Togobitskaya D.N., Piptyuk V.P., Kuksa O.V., Lyhаchov Yu.M. Development of algorithm for description of interatomic interaction in iron-based meltings with implementation atoms

Nadtochii A.A., Stepanenko D.A., Khodotova N.E., Kyrychok V.S. Thermodynamic modeling of behavior of components in slag systems characteristic in the manufacture of manganese ferroal alloys

Chernyatevich A.G, Molchanov L.S, Golub T.S, Semykin S.I. Technological analysis of the efficiency of operation of periclase-carbon refractories in low-capacity converters

Togobіtskaya D. M, Snigura I. R, Piptyuk V. P., Grekov S. V. A new approach to solving the problem of directional formation of final melts during steel debugging at a ladle-furnace unit

Babachenko O. I., Kononenko G. A., Podolskyi R. V., Shpak O. A, Safronova O. A, Martsinishin V. V. Research of features of structure of a railway wheel with operational defects

Merkulov O. Ye., Vorobey S. О., Tuboltsev L. G., Balakhanova T. V. Labor and creative way of G. V. Levchenkо