The collection of scientific papers “Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy” is a serial scientific publication published since 1995.
Release frequency: 1 time per year.
The languages of the publication are Ukrainian and English.

Certificate of state registration of printed media: КВ № 7982 dated 13.10.2003.

ISSN 2522-9117 (print)
ISSN 2786-6149 (online)

Title proper:
Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy
Фундаментальні та прикладні проблеми чорної металургії
Фундаментальные и прикладные проблемы черной металлургии

DOI: 10.52150/2522-9117

The Establisher and Publisher: Iron and Steel Institute of Z. I. Nekrasov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Specialities for which articles are published:
132 – Materials Science;
136 – Metallurgy;
133 – Industrial Machinery Engineering
(Field of knowledge: 13 – Mechanical engineering).

The collection of scientific papers “Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy” is included in the List of scientific specialized publications of Ukraine (category B) by specialties: 132 – Materials Science; 133 – Industrial Machinery Engineering; 136 – Metallurgy. The order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 894 dated October 10, 2022.

The purpose of the collected scientific papers are:
– to publish the results of fundamental and applied research on the main problems of metallurgy and materials science, which are carried out by the employees of the Iron and Steel Institute of Z. I. Nekrasov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as well as by leading experts in the field;
– to contribute to high-quality public communication of scientists;
– to disseminate of new scientific knowledge and practical research results to specialists working in production.

The task of the scientific publication is to disseminate the results of theoretical and applied research in the international scientific community and to promote the transfer of the latest scientific developments to the industry.

According to the thematic headings of “Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy”, the Editorial board accepts manuscripts of original scientific and review works on the main problems of metallurgy, materials science and industrial machinery engineering.
The activity of the Editorial board of the collection of scientific works is not commercial, and it is focused on scientific support and scientific and technical support of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine.
Publication of articles in the collection is free of charge.

Thematic headings of the collection:
Common problems of metallurgy
Pig iron production
Out-of-furnace treatment of cast iron
Steel production
Processes and machines of metal forming
Materials science
Management systems of metallurgical processes

“Fundamental and applied problems of ferrous metallurgy” is an open access scientific publication. All articles are free to access, read, download and print.

In its work, the Editorial board adhere to the following terms:
– acceptance of manuscripts for publication in the current issue – until August 1;
– manuscripts are reviewed as they are received within 30 days;
– finalization of manuscripts and elimination of shortcomings in their design (in accordance with the comments of the Reviewer and Editors) should be carried out by the authors no later than October 30;
– re-review of manuscripts after their finalization – until November 15;
– consideration of articles recommended for publication at the meeting of the Editorial board – until November 30;
– publication of the current issue and publication of the full texts of the articles in free open access on the website of the scientific publication – until December 30.